Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

We had such a fun Mothers day, the Men in the family took total charge of everything, all the planning cooking and cleanup. It was so nice for us girls to not have to do anything but sit and relax. Again we had cold yucky weather so we had to eat inside! When are we going to have nice weather?? The main thing is we were together as a family. My kids spoiled me rotten, I got a $150 gift card to Old Navy along with some garden things, candy and sweet letters. I love my family so much and I love love love being a mom. It has been the greatest blessing in my life. My kids and grandkids are my treasures
Whitney and I

Auntie and Mallory


Me and Steph

Ben and Nora

Whitney and Nora

Avery and Jaemus

me with my kids Whitney, Kim Me, Steph ,Logan and Ryan - Missing our oldest Melanie

Stair step- Logan Ryan Steph Kim and Whitney

2nd Oldest to Youngest- Ryan Steph Kim Whitney and Logan

Arika Logan and Reign

Whitney Fynnlee and Forest

Jacxon Brayden and Fynnlee

Cheryl and Mallory

Arika and Logan

Whitney and Mallory, we all went out to eat for Kims birthday

Aika's Babyshower

My beautiful daughters threw a baby shower for Arika on May 13th, we were going to have it at the park next to her house but we have been having the worst weather ever, it has been cold and rainy ever since January!! So we ended up having it at Kim's house. It all turned out good and everyone had a good time.
logan and Mama

Me and Nora

Arikas cute cake

Mallory and Nora

Logan and his best friend Chandler

Logan Arika and Reign

Kim and Nora

Arika and her family

Chandler and Nora

Me and Nora

Teri Steph Arika Kim and Whitney

Logan and Arika

Forest Turns 2

Our baby boy is 2 years old, so hard to believe, he is 100% boy, he is non stop from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed, he climbs, runs, falls down and gets back up again, he laughs and has the cutest little smile. We love him so much and were so happy to celebrate his birthday with him. We had a little party for him at Pizza factory in Wallce. Jared and Whitney got him a coaster bike and he loves it.
Papa Jeff and Forest 

Papa and Nora

Big boy eating some yummy pizza


Fynn and Avery

Whitney made this cute cake for Forest

check out this cute bike

Happy birthday little Man.