Sunday, February 25, 2018

Winter Dog

So Buddy is 5 yrs old now, the dog that George just had to have and probably paid a fortune for, really has nothing to do with him. Instead 5 yrs ago Buddy fell in love with me and has been my constant companion ever since. He is a great family dog and is so loyal and faitful. He protects me when we go for walks, we sleeps with me, he drops his ball by my fee when he wants to play, he knows when I am sad or sick or depressed. He is a good faithful friend and our family loves him.

Family dinner and other February Happenings

Nora in a big balloon hat

Nora Jane

Forest and his best friend the Hulk

Me and Reign


Babies in a basket

Cheryl and Haprer


Reign and her cousins Jaxon and Brayden

Mal Mal

Jaemus and Mallory playing together

At our house... Ryan with jaxon Jaemus and Brayden

George went to Leavenworth with Brayden- so here are the 3 boys

Papa with his boys

Fynn got Student of the Month in Feb!! Way to go Fynnlee.

Valentines Day

Reign had a basketball game on Valentines day so we went, Harper was dressed up so cute and Reigns little half brother Avery was there too and he loves Harper. It was a day of LOVE, George got me some white roses, so sweet. I love and adore my family!!
Avery and Harper

Sooo cute

Reign Harper and Avery

Reign and harper

Jaemus making a cookie

Avery with a Valentine card from Fynn and Forest

candy candy candy!!


Reign and Brayden are each on a basketball team, they will not play against each other, boy's play boys, girls play girls. It is so fun to watch, Reign gets out there but has no idea what she is doing, Brayden is aggressive and make quite a few baskets for his team. So proud of both of them!
Brayden right in the middle

Reign trying hard to block the ball

she is very social.

Girls road trip to Leavenworth

A few weeks ago Cheryl and I took a road trip up to Leavenworth, we both had Monday off so we made a 3 day weekend of it. We had so much fun, Cheryl had never seen Steph's new house so it was good to take her there. We played with the kids, went on walks, went downtown to Leavenworth, ate lots of food.. watched the Olympics, and all kinds of movies on netflix. On Sunday we had a big Fromm Family dinner with all the Fromms. There were a lot of people and it was noisy crazy but fun. I love going there and I am thankful that Brett finally got a job and they can enjoy that new beautiful house.
Sisters on the road

Me and Maddy

us girls downtown

Maddy and her boyfriend Garrett

Mallory loves eveyones shoes


Steph and Mallory




Me and Jaxon

me Jaxon and Jaemus

Steph and Jaxon

Me Jaxon Jaemus and Mallory

Visiting Annabells grave, she would have been 8 yrs old May 1


Love this kind of hippy store

getting snuggles from mama

Cheryl reading to Jaemsu

Jaaemus on a cold walk

Steph and Jaemus



Auntie Colleen and Mallory

Jaxon did a selfie!!